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The Rising of Sirius – Rolleiflex T – Cascais

The rising of Sirius – A man cools down his dog at the beach of Cascais. Captured with Rolleiflex (T) /Rollei Werke/ – on a Kodak Ektar 100 / scanned with a Canoscan 9000 F Mark II. (The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius)

Rising of Sirius - photo made with a Rolleiflex T
Rising of Sirius
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Rolleiflex 2.8F – Decouple or not

Fortunately I’m a Rolleiflex 2.8F camera owner. Unfortunately the selenium meter is not working proparly. Therefore I could only use the 2.8 aperture. The aperture 2.8 indeed does a pretty good job with a certain amount of sharpening in post production. Though i’ve decided to have aperture, and shutter speed decoupled at a repairman cause sometimes you want to use smaller apertures e.g. on sport photography 🙂 By the way this is the last photo with aperture, speed coupled lightmeter restrictions.

Portrait of a famous Hungarian Athlete - Rolleiflex 2.8F
Portrait – Rolleiflex 2.8F


Here is a simple clue about my retouching process made in photoshop:

Highpass filter with overlay for sharpening, level adjustment layer for contrast, and some layer masking to ensure not to have the background sharpened.

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Rolleinar 1 experiment – When you swap Rolleinars finding and taking lens elements

Indeed. You might try swapping the elements of a Rolleinar. Hardly can tell the difference. So if you do not know which element goes onto the taking or finding lens, should not worry, your photo taken will be nearly just as good as it would be in the proper order.

Swapping Rolleinar 1 taking and finding lens elements.
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Makarska – Umpteenth Summer | Photo made with Rolleiflex automat

Photo by: Ambrus László

Short story: Went to a Sport event on Makarska – Croatia. One afternoon i took a walk at the sea, and this three sweet old “hat” was sitting on a bench, staring at a swimmer. If they were like 30 years younger they would’ve probably been in the sea bathing too. This time I only took my Rolleiflex automat for this trip. Not my favorite Rolleiflex though 🙂

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Krakow – Main Square – The white chariot | Photo made with a Rolleiflex Old Standard

Photo by: Ambrus László

Short stotry: The photo was taken with a Rolleiflex Old Standard. I put down my beloved TLR on the pavement of  Krakow Main Square. Used a Kodak Ektar 100 Rollfilm, set the shutter for B and held down the shutter cable approx 30 sec. Et voilá 🙂