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American sprinter Shania Collins – captured by a Tele Rolleiflex

Gave a quick Rolleiflex tut. for american sprinter Shania Collins. Who knows, she might decide later to change the sprinter shoe for photography. 🙂 You can find a photo with a Tele Rolleiflex in her hand at my Insta page.

American sprinter Shania Collins

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Christian Taylor world ranking leader in men’s triple jump

The good thing in grabbing the photo bibs a bit earlier than the actual meeting starts, is to get a chance to meet the stars before on the track. I was lucky enough to capture Christian Taylor, the World Ranking leader in men’s Triple Jump, who was posing happily for my Tele Rolleiflex at the Gyulai István Memorial athletic event in SzĂ©kesfehĂ©rvár. His profile can be seen at IAAF official website: Christian Taylor.

Christian Taylor - World Ranking leader in Men's triple jump

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Rolleiflex 3.5F Street photos – Budapest

A few months ago i was asked for an Interview by Klára Szarka (curator, photo historian), to talk about the Rolleiflex cameras I use, and have in collection. After the interview which was held at the Lab4Art studio near Oktogon, we went out for a quick one hour photowalk to capture some people on the streets of Budapest. I grabbed a Rolleiflex 3.5F  loaded with a Kodak Ektar 120 rollfilm. / The interview will be shown as part of an Éva Keleti exhibition this year. /

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The Rising of Sirius – Rolleiflex T – Cascais

The rising of Sirius – A man cools down his dog at the beach of Cascais. Captured with Rolleiflex (T) /Rollei Werke/ – on a Kodak Ektar 100 / scanned with a Canoscan 9000 F Mark II. (The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius)

Rising of Sirius - photo made with a Rolleiflex T
Rising of Sirius

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Makarska – Umpteenth Summer | Photo made with Rolleiflex automat

Photo by: Ambrus László

Short story: Went to a Sport event on Makarska – Croatia. One afternoon i took a walk at the sea, and this three sweet old “hat” was sitting on a bench, staring at a swimmer. If they were like 30 years younger they would’ve probably been in the sea bathing too. This time I only took my Rolleiflex automat for this trip. Not my favorite Rolleiflex though 🙂